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National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) 2015 Anthropogenic Disturbance Data for Southeast Alaska linked to the modified NHD with catchments

March 29, 2019

This CSV file contains landscape factors representing anthropogenic disturbances to stream habitats summarized within local and network stream catchments of Southeast Alaska. The source datasets compiled and attributed to spatial units were identified as being: (1) meaningful for assessing fluvial fish habitat; (2) consistent across the entire study area in the way that they were assembled; (3) broadly representative of conditions in the past 10 years, and (4) of sufficient spatial resolution that they could be used to make valid comparisons among local catchment units. Variables summarized at the catchment scale include measures of anthropogenic land uses, population density, roads, dams, mines, culverts, 303d listed waterbodies, railroads, pipelines, airports, and point-source pollution sites. In this data set, variable summaries are linked to catchments developed for the National Hydrography Dataset using the COMID identifier. Catchment attributes are available for both local catchments (defined as the land area draining directly to a reach; attributes begin with L_ prefix) and network catchments (defined by all upstream contributing catchments to the reachs outlet, including the reachs own local catchment; attributes begin with N_ prefix). Spatial data can be downloaded at This version of the data (v1.1) addresses an issue detected in the pipeline and railroad variables found in Version 1. Updated values are documented in the file change_log.csv.