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Pacific Walrus Blubber Lipid Content and Fatty Acid Composition, St. Lawrence Island, 2007-2010

February 25, 2020

This dataset contains lab-measured percent lipid and fatty acid composition data from Pacific walruses harvested in waters near Saint Lawrence Island. Each row indicates data from a single layer from a blubber core sample collected from one body site (flank, rump, or sternum) from one walrus harvested by Native Alaskans during the spring walrus hunts of 2007 - 2010. Blubber cores were divided into two roughly equal depths (inner and outer) and individually characterized. Results are proportion lipid content of the sub-sample mass and proportional abundance of each fatty acid of total fatty acids identified in the sub-sample on a wet-weight basis. Some samples were found to be inadequate due to lack of anatomical landmarks and do not have laboratory values indicated. Some samples are flagged as being incomplete based on notes from the laboratory.

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