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Phreatophytic Shrublands and Grasslands, Historical (1990-2019) Trends in Groundwater Levels, Precipitation, and Air Temperature, Historical (1955-2016) Trends in Snow-Water Equivalent, and Projected Future (2040-99) Climate and Hydrology Anomalies across

May 18, 2021

This data release presents baseline datasets of phreatophytic groundwater-dependent ecosystem (GDE) locations in Oregon and trends in physical and environmental factors potentially influencing proximal groundwater supplies. The data release consists of three child items. The child items are: (1) Select Phreatophytic Shrub and Grass Species of Oregon, the Estimated Distribution of Phreatophytic Shrubland and Grassland Across Oregon, and Field Observations used to Constrain Mapped Species Distributions (tabular and raster datasets), (2) Historical Trends in Shallow and Deep Groundwater Levels by Well and 8-Digit Hydrologic Units (HUC8) (1990-2019, 2005-2019, and 2015-2019), GridMET Precipitation and Air Temperature by HUC8 (1990-2019), and Snow-Water Equivalent by Station and HUC8 (1955-2016); Statewide Summaries, Time-Series Graphs, and Groundwater-Well Proximity to Streams and Cultivated Crops, Oregon (tabular datasets and pdfs), and (3) Projected Future Climate Anomalies for Precipitation, Air Temperature, Snow-Water Equivalent, Runoff, Soil Moisture, and Evapotranspiration During 2040-2069 and 2070-2099 Relative to the Historical 1971-2000 Mean from Climate Toolbox (Intermediate- and High-Emissions Scenarios, RCP 4.5 and 8.5, Respectively).