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Physical, Chemical, and Invertebrate Data from Chipp North Pond Manipulations, North Slope, Alaska, 2013

March 3, 2020

These data are in three tables relating to a series of ponds, visited weekly over the summer of 2013, in the Chipp River Basin on the Arctic Coastal Plain of northern Alaska. The tables provide: 1) location and description of each of the ponds, 2) physical information on pond characteristics (area, volume, and temperature), water chemistry (electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, pH, ammonium, and total dissolved phosphorus and nitrogen, chlorophyll-a, and ash free dry mass), and 3) invertebrate counts. Four pond types were studied, including large and small thermokarst troughs, low-centered polygon ponds, and larger coalescent ponds. The ponds included a control group, and three manipulated groups, one heated passively, a second that was fertilized, and a third with netting to deter birds from landing on/near the pond.

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