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Pre- and Post-Treatment Fuels and Vegetation Data from the Great Basin, 2006-2018 (ver. 2.0, September 2020)

September 18, 2020

The project was conducted to study the effects of land management options. It was conducted across a regional network of sites in sagebrush communities. Using this regional network of sites allowed us to understand the thresholds between healthy and unhealthy sagebrush communities over a broad range of conditions across the Great Basin. Sites were located in sagebrush communities threatened by cheatgrass invasion, and we studied the effects of four land management options: control (no management action), prescribed fire, mechanical thinning of sagebrush by mowing, and herbicide application (to thin old, unproductive sagebrush plants and encourage growth of young sagebrush and native understory grasses). An additional herbicide application to control cheatgrass was applied within portions of the treated areas.