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Presence and prevalence of pathogens among amphibians of Catoctin Mountain Park, 2014

May 25, 2021

Data described herein was collected by USGS personnel and the project funded by USGS and the National Park Service (Catoctin Mountain Park) through a FY14 NRPP project involving both agencies and developed to detect the presence and prevalence of ranavirus and chytrid pathogens among amphibians of Catoctin Mountain Park (CATO). Supplemental molecular analyses were performed on behalf of LSC by the molecular biology laboratory at Hagerstown Community College whereby students performed the molecular diagnostic testing and provided the raw data to LSC for analysis. There is no data sharing agreement specifying ownership, but the data was presented to the NPS CATO staff to help guide their management decision-making related to amphibians and disease susceptibility. This body of data is stored in spreadsheet format.