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Reflectance spectra of agricultural field conditions supporting remote sensing evaluation of non-photosynthetic vegetation cover

September 14, 2021

This data release contains spectra used to evaluate narrow-band shortwave infrared indices suitable for measurement of non-photosynthetic vegetation (NPV). The original data were collected using a proximal Analytical Spectral Devices(ASD)FieldSpecPro spectroradiometer, and are also provided in various states of processing, all of which is described in the manuscript referenced below.

Items 1-9 include spectra, items 10-12 include statistical descriptions of correlation goodness of fit between derived indices and fractional NPV cover, and item 13 contains estimated Landsat Next sensor radiometric properties.

The data provided here, and the processes used to calculate and analyze them, are further discussed in Hively, W.D., Lamb, B.T., Daughtry, C.S.T., Serbin, G., Dennison, P., Kokaly, R.F., Wu, Z., and Masek, J., 2021. Evaluation of SWIR recommended crop residue bands for the Landsat Next mission. Remote Sensing, 13, x.

1 ASD spectra for agricultural targets.csv
2 Gaussian spectra for agricultural targets.csv
3 Gaussian atm spectra for agricultural targets.csv
4 Boxcar spectra for agricultural targets.csv
5 Crop residue spectra.csv
6 Soil spectra.csv
7 MODTRAN mean reflectance and calculated radiance.csv
8 Gaussian spectra for shrubs and grassland targets.csv
9 Gaussian atm spectra for shrubs and grassland targets.csv
10 Index gaussian correlation output for agricultural targets.csv
11 Index boxcar correlation output for agricultural targets.csv
12 Index correlation output for shrubs and grassland targets.csv
13 Sensor radiometric properties.csv