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Simulated inundation extent and depth at Whittier, Alaska resulting from the hypothetical rapid motion of landslides into Barry Arm Fjord, Prince William Sound, Alaska

November 9, 2021

This data release contains postprocessed model output from simulations of hypothetical rapid motion of landslides, subsequent wave generation, and wave propagation. A modeled tsunami wave was generated by rapid motion of unstable material into Barry Arm Fjord. This wave propagated through Prince William Sound and then into Passage Canal east of Whittier. Here we consider only the largest wave-generating scenario presented by Barnhart and others (2021a, 2021b) and use a simulation setup similar to that work. The results presented here are not identical to those presented in Barnhart and others (2021a, 2021b) because the results in this data release were obtained using an expanded dataset of topography and bathymetry. This data release presents the extent of simulated inundation and does not include simulation results related to other related phenomena (e.g., current strength).