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Southwest Everglades coastal soil pore water data Everglades National Park 1997-2012

April 18, 2022

Soil porewater (30cm and 60cm depth) was sampled for specific conductance, salinity and temperature in the southwest coastal Everglades, Everglades National Park from 1997-2012 at four sampling locations. Principal sampling location (HR) was located adjacent the Harney River and had five sampling sites (~ 60m apart) along a 300m N-S transect in a coastal mangrove fringe forest sampled from 1997-2011. Porewater was sampled from 2002-2012 at three secondary locations: Tarpon Bay (TB), Shark River (SR) and Shark Slough (SS). At each of these sampling locations, there were at least three 30cm and three 60cm porewater sampling pipes.