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Stream metabolism models for the Regional Stream Quality Assessments of the National Water Quality Program, 2013 to 2016

April 22, 2020

This dataset provides details from stream metabolism models for 20 stream sites in the United States that were sampled as part of the National Water Quality Program's Regional Stream Quality Assessments (RSQA). Metabolism was estimated at each site using the streamMetabolizer package in R. For each of the 20 sites, three files are provided; (1) the input data, which includes continuous dissolved oxygen, water temperature, light, and stream depth, (2) the output data containing the daily metabolism estimates, and (3) a site-specific html 'guide' for running the streamMetabolizer package in R. The site 'short_name' is included in each file name to distinguish the files associated with each field site. Final metabolism models were run using a constant value for K600, the mean reaeration rate coefficient scaled to a Schmidt number of 600, which was determined for each site based on initial model calibration runs. Model input data were downloaded directly from the USGS National Water Information System (NWIS) (dissolved oxygen and temperature) or directly from data loggers deployed in the field (light and depth). In addition to the stream metabolism files, a comma delimited file containing basic site characteristics is included for reference. This site file includes the USGS site ID (SITE_NO), the RSQA study name, the state where the site is located, the site 'short name', the USGS site name, and the decimal degree latitude and longitude of the sampling reach.