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Survey Data for Loon Occupancy in Freshwater Lakes, National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, 2011-2014

January 28, 2021

These data are in one table of territory occupancy data for loons and presence/absence data for fish species based on survey information for Pacific (Gavia pacifica) and Yellow-billed Loon (G. adamsii) and five species of fish (Alaska blackfish, arctic grayling, broad whitefish, least cisco, ninespine stickleback) from freshwater lakes on the Arctic Coastal Plain in northern Alaska, 2011-2014. We surveyed lakes in northern Alaska to understand how fish communities may impact the occupancy and breeding success of loons. Data were collected as part of the U.S. Geological Survey Changing Arctic Ecosystems Initiative to understand the response of wildlife to rapid physical changes taking place in the Arctic.

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