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Thin section images of drill core from the Chrome Lake area in the Stillwater Complex, Montana

June 24, 2021

This dataset includes photographic images of thin sections of drill core from the Stillwater Complex, Montana, along with a shapefile representing the locations of the drill holes. The core was drilled in order to study contact-type copper and nickel sulfide mineralization in the Stillwater Complex. The images of the entire thin section, both in plane- and cross-polarized light, were taken using a high-resolution digital camera on a macro stand. Each zip file, named with the drill hole identification number, contains the images for a single drill hole. The data in each zip file is organized into a folder containing the 'RAW' unprocessed CR2 images and a folder containing processed jpg images. Folders with a "p1" or "p2" designation (representing parts 1 and 2) were organized into two parts in response to file size restrictions. The file name of each photograph correlates to the name and depth of the drill hole from which the thin section was sourced, and whether the photograph represents a plane-polarized (ppl) or cross-polarized (xpl) light image. For example, the "ST-8-385_ppl.JPG" file is a plane-polarized image of the thin section sourced from drill hole ST-8 at a depth of 385 feet. Multiple images from the same drill hole and depth are identified with "(2)", "(3)", etc. in the file name.