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USGS HYDRoacoustic dataset in support of the Surface Water Oceanographic Topography satellite mission (HYDRoSWOT)

June 17, 2016

HYDRoSWOT HYDRoacoustic dataset in support of Surface Water Oceanographic Topography is a data set that aggregates channel and flow data collected from the USGS streamgaging network and includes 200,000+ records of USGS acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) discharge measurements. The data set includes a variety of fields including: mean depth, mean velocity, discharge, stage, water-surface width, maximum depth, maximum velocity, and streamgage metadata for more than 5,000 stations in the United States. The hydraulic and channel geometry data is stored in the USGS hydroacoustic Doppler current profiler tables reported in the SiteVisit database and polled from 45 individual National Water Information System (NWIS) hosts. The database tables were de-normalized into a single flat file intended for further study in various analytical software, such as a spreadsheet or data frame. Each station can possess multiple measurements, as indicated by the measurement number recorded in the q_meas_no field. An individual measurement may have multiple sub-measurements when flow occurs in multiple channels. The multiple channels are recorded in the q_meas_chan_nu field. This dataset only contains ADCP measurement data. In the event of a multiple channel measurement, where other methods were used to measure flow, only ADCP measurements will be represented.

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