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The Vigil Network: long-term, broad spectrum data collected to observe landscape change in drainage basins

July 28, 2021

Long-term monitoring data of geomorphic, hydrological, and biological characteristics of landscapes. This information provides an effective means of relating observed change to possible causes of the change. Identification of changes in basin characteristics, especially in arid areas where the response to altered climate or land use is generally rapid and readily apparent, might provide the initial direct indications that factors such as global warming and cultural impacts have affected the environment. The Vigil Network provides an opportunity for earth and life scientists to participate in a systematic monitoring effort to detect landscape changes over time, and to relate such changes to possible causes. This data release includes 70 sites and basins used to monitor landscape features. This data release includes information for Vigil Network sites monitored in the United States. The data and information in this data release are historical and were obtained from original documents.

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