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Welcome to the Central Midwest Water Science Center’s (CMWSC) Website. We offer information on streamflow, water quality, water-use, and groundwater data for Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri. We conduct unbiased, scientific hydrologic investigations & research projects to effectively manage CMWSC and our Nation's water resources through joint efforts with our partners.

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Date published: September 20, 2019

USGS Mobile Water Quality Sensor on Mississippi River Boat

U.S. Geological Survey expands its network of water-quality sensors to include the American Queen Steamboat as she travels the entire length of the Mississippi River collecting nutrient levels and water-quality data along the way.  (Image Courtesy: Iowa Public Radio, Iowa City, Iowa, limited use USGS only)

Date published: May 10, 2019

Media Advisory: USGS Assesses Iowa Flood Levels for Emergency Preparedness

Reporters: Do you want to accompany a USGS field crew as they inspect high-water marks? Please contact Marisa Lubeck or Paul Rydlund. 

Date published: March 7, 2018

USGS Flood Experts Respond to High Water in Central, Northeastern U.S.

Crews from the U.S. Geological Survey have been in the field for weeks measuring flooding in the Midwest and in the Mississippi River watershed, and more recently flooding and storm tides on the Northern Atlantic coast, as higher temperatures, heavy rain, snowmelt and nor’easters affected numerous states. 


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Year Published: 2020

Analysis of nearshore placement of sediments at Ogden Dunes, Indiana

The harbor structures/shoreline armoring on the southern Lake Michigan shoreline interrupt sand migration. Ogden Dunes, Indiana, and the nearby Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore observed shoreline erosion due to engineered structures associated with Burns Waterway Harbor, east of Ogden Dunes, impeding natural east to west sediment migration. To...

Young, David L; Brutsche, Katherine E; Li, Honghai; McFall, Brian C; Maloney, Erin C; McClain, Kaitlyn E; Bucaro, David F.; LeRoy, Jessica Z.; Duncker, James J.; Johnson, Kevin K.; Jackson, P. Ryan
Young, D.L., K.E Brutsche, L. Honghai, B.C. McFall, E.C. Maloney, K.E. McClain, D.F Bucaro, J.Z. LeRoy, J.J. Duncker, K.K. Johnson, and P.R. Jackson. 2020. Analysis of nearshore placement of sediments at Ogden Dunes, Indiana. ERDC/CHL TR-20-4. Vicksburg, MS: US Army Engineer Research and Development Center.

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Year Published: 2020

Continuous nitrate monitoring in groundwater and potential contribution to surface-water nitrogen loads in Mason County, Illinois

Illinois has some of the most productive farmland in the country. The use of fertilizers to improve crop production has increased, which has resulted in an increase in the concentration of nitrogen in many streams and aquifers. The U.S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, is continuously monitoring...

Gruhn, Lance R.; Nalley, Greg M.
Gruhn, L.R., and Nalley, G.M., 2020, Continuous nitrate monitoring in groundwater and potential contribution to surface-water nitrogen loads in Mason County, Illinois: U.S. Geological Survey Fact Sheet 2019–3064, 4 p., https://doi.org/10.3133/fs20193064.

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Year Published: 2020

Dunes in the world's big rivers are characterized by low-angle lee-side slopes and a complex shape

Dunes form critical agents of bedload transport in all of the world’s big rivers, and constitute appreciable sources of bed roughness and flow resistance. Dunes also generate stratification that is the most common depositional feature of ancient riverine sediments. However, current models of dune dynamics and stratification are conditioned by...

Cisneros, Julia; Best, Jim L.; van Dijk, Thaienne; de Almeida, Renato Paes; Amsler, Mario; Boldt, Justin A.; Freitas, Bernardo; Galeazzi, Cristiano; Huizinga, Richard J.; Ianniruberto, Marco; Ma, Hongbo; Nittrouer, Jeff; Oberg, Kevin; Orfeo, Oscar; Parsons, Daniel; Szupiany, Ricardo N.; Wang, Ping; Zhang, Yuanfeng