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Water and sediment data used to evaluate selenium hazards in the Salton Sea ecosystem

February 8, 2022

Due to declining water levels and increasing salinity in the Salton Sea which may increase the hazards to wildlife, the U.S. Geological Survey and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation are re-evaluating selenium concentrations in the region. As part of this work, selenium concentrations in water and sediment samples and selected other inorganic constituents were compiled from published reports, public databases, and unpublished archives into a tabulated spreadsheet. This spreadsheet represents a rapid synthesis of available data on selenium concentrations in water and sediment in the region surrounding the Salton Sea, however it does not include all data ever published in the region. Additionally, the data compilation was done with an emphasis on selenium concentrations measured after 2005, therefore earlier selenium data may be under-represented.

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