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Water level measurements collected in West Falmouth Harbor, MA, 2017

July 21, 2017

Water-level gauges were deployed at two sites in West Falmouth Harbor between April and June 2017. One gauge was mounted under the town-owned West Falmouth boat dock and the other on the private Associates dock near the mouth of the Harbor. The gauge at Associates dock supported two pressure sensors mounted in a stilling well to damp wave motions. The stilling wells were 4-inch diameter PVC tubes drilled with several 1/4-inch holes above and below water level. The upper sensor remained above the water surface to measure atmospheric pressure. The lower sensor remained submerged to measure tides and surge. The gauge at the boat dock used a similar stilling well, but did not have an atmospheric sensor. Data from the upper sensor at the Associates dock were used to make atmospheric pressure corrections at both sites.