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Hazards Data Distribution System (HDDS)

The Hazards Data Distribution System (HDDSExplorer) is an event-based interface that provides a single point-of-entry for access to remotely sensed imagery and other geospatial datasets as they become available during a response.

The imagery hosted on HDDS includes data from public domain sources, along with licensed imagery from many other partners and agencies. Due to license provisions, some of the contributed imagery may be subject to data access and use restrictions. (Data Policy)


HDDS Registration and Data Access

In order to download imagery on HDDS, all users are required to register and log in.

Step 1 - Register on HDDS:

If you have not registered on either EarthExplorer or HDDSExplorer, select the "Register" button in the upper right corner of the screen (either interface) and complete the registration process. The HDDSExplorer registration and login management system is shared with USGS EarthExplorer, so users may log in to HDDS using EarthExplorer credentials.

Once registered and logged in, you will have immediate download access for all public datasets.

Step 2 - Request Restricted Access (restricted imagery only):

In order to download a "Restricted" dataset (such as SPOT) from HDDS, the user will need to submit a request for restricted access via HDDSExplorer.

Log in to HDDSExplorer using your HDDS or EarthExplorer credentials.  Once logged in, click the "Access" link (upper right corner) and select the appropriate HDDS event. Complete the justification box and submit.  Once submitted, the HDDS request will be reviewed and adjudicated by USGS staff as quickly as possible.

All HDDS requests for restricted access are submitted and managed on an event-by-event basis. Users should submit only one access request for each event.

NOTE:  Please be sure to include your official email address when submitting a restricted access request.   If you are working in a non-government entity (e.g., .com, .edu, .org) but are supporting a government-based response effort, please include this information. Please also provide the name and contact information for your government sponsor if possible.