Mineral Resources Program


From energy, construction, and agriculture, to communications, transportation, and national defense, at home, work, or play, we all use or require minerals and mineral materials every day.

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Date published: June 1, 2018
Status: Active

Mineral Resource of the Month

The column "Mineral Resource of the Month", featuring the work of USGS mineral commodity specialists, now appears in the American Geological Institute's (AGI) magazine Earth (formerly Geotimes) with selected articles online at the Earth Magazine's ...

Date published: May 25, 2018
Status: Active

Mineral Commodity Fact Sheets

The Mineral Resources Program publishes fact sheets on selected important commodities. These fact sheets teach about commodities and the important role each one plays in the national economy, national security, and lives of Americans every day.

Date published: February 21, 2018
Status: Active

Minerals-Related Educational Products

Minerals-related education products.

Contacts: David Frank
Date published: September 30, 2009
Status: Active

Do We Take Minerals For Granted?

Overview of the role minerals play in the everyday lives of U.S. residents.

Mineral Resources Program Information Handout, 2009.

Date published: April 23, 1999
Status: Completed

Understanding Our Planet Through Chemistry (Archive)

The Understanding Our Planet Through Chemistry website was created by scientists from the former Branch of Chemistry as an online educational general interest publication about chemistry in studying the earth. It was archived on April 23, 2019.