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Natural Resource Economics

Natural resource economics provides critical information on the economic consequences of Department of the Interior and other natural resource and hazard management decisions. Economics bridges biophysical science results with natural resources and hazards management in monetary terms that are understandable by scientists, managers, policy makers, and the public. USGS’ internal economics capacity advances integration of the earth and economic sciences increasing the decision-relevance and value of USGS science.

Our Focus Topics

Our Focus Topics

* Value ecosystem services and natural resources

* Assess benefits from scientific information in decision making

* Analyze tradeoffs from resource management alternatives and scenarios

* Evaluate environmental markets and their use

Our Projects & Studies

Our Projects & Studies

* National Wildlife Refuges Integrated Biophysical Models

* Mauna Loa Eruption Case Study

* Value of CyanoHABS Information: Freshwater Beach Management

* Valuing Streamgage Information

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