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Here are documents from the 1960s associated with the history of the Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center. Click the links to download and view the files. The list is updated as new documents are discovered.

1962 Color Aerial Photography in Geologic Investigations Article

1964-1979 USGS EROS Program Funding

1964 Infrared Surveys of Hawaiian Volcanoes Article

1966 Project EROS Goals and Opportunities Report

1966 Secretary Udall press release announcing Project EROS

1966 Earth's Resources to be Studied from Space News Release

1966-1977 Earth Resources Observation Systems (EROS) Program History

1966 Project EROS News Release

1966 Analysis of Infrared Imagery of Surtsey, Iceland Report

1966 Geologic Applications of Remote Sensors by Dr. Wm Fischer Presentation

1966-1969 EROS Program Selected Press Clippings

1966-1974 EROS Data Center Chronology Chart

1967 Explorers from Space Article

1967 American Astronautical Society Annual Meeting-CF Luce

1967 Compile Peru Map from Space Photos News Release

1967 Mineral and Land Resources by Dr. Wm Pecora

1967 Remote-Sensing Potential in Basic Data Acquisition Article

1967 Orbital Surveys of the Earth by Dr. Wm Fischer Article

1967 Potential Uses of Space Data Report

1968 Use Factors Influencing the Design of Multi-Purpose Satellites

1968 Applications of Aircraft and Spacecraft Surveys to Ground Water Investigations Presentation

1968 EROS Application to Mineral Exploration Presentaion

1968 Exploration Geology to be Assisted by Air and Spaceborne Remote Sensors Presentation

1968 Remote Sensing Research in the US: A Summary Presentation

1968 Remote Sensing Its Engineering Applications - A Summary Presentation

1968 The Infinite Variety of Land Resources Presentation

1968 The Infinite Variety of Land Resources Presentation, Part II

1968 Infrared Sensing of Active Geologic Processes Report

1968 Geologic Applications of Earth Orbital Satellites by W.T. Pecora

1968 Early Lessons In Space Observations and Earth Resources Article

1968 Photomap of Southwest US from Space Photography News Release

1968 Radar Probes Geologic Past of Yellowstone National Park

1968 Report Stresses Benefits of EROS Program News Release

1968 Space Applications in Water Resource Development

1969 Geologic Terrain Photomap Made from Space Photography

1969 Progress Reported In Spacecraft Oceanography News Release

1969 Resources Studies from Spacecraft and Aircraft Paper

1969 Balloon Flights To Test Remote Sensors Presentation

1969 Totem Vol. 11 No. 8 Periodical

1969 Massachusetts Mapped By Radar News Release

1969 Space Age Road Map of Tucson, AZ, Prepared News Release

1969 Results of Earth Resource Surveys and Plans for Future Satellites

1969 A Data Center for the Earth Resources Satellite Presentation

1969 What is EROS by Dr. Wm Pecora Paper

1969 A Data Center the Earth Resources Technology Satellite Paper

1969 Remote Sensing Investigations From Spacecraft and Aircraft Presentation

1969 William T Pecora, Support of the ERTS Program Statement-condensed

1969 William T. Pecora, Support of the ERTS Program Statement-detail

1969 Proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment Report