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How do I download The National Map data products?

Download or access The National Map data products via several applications and websites:

The National Map Download Client – The primary site for data downloads. See the training videos (lessons 4a-4d) or click the Help link at the top of the Downloader for detailed instructions.

LidarExplorer – Lidar Point Cloud data only. See where lidar is available, get a list of downloadable products, and download data of interest.

Amazon's Cloud Browse – Directly download files through browsable links. Navigate to the appropriate theme folders to access staged products for download.

USGS Staged Data - Direct links to files on a USGS server. Navigate to the appropriate theme folders to access staged products for download.

Download Manager Tool/uGET – For batch downloads of files using URLs saved in a text or CSV file from The National Map Downloader.

TopoView – For topographic map downloads only. Includes all dates and scales of historical topographic maps (1884-2009) and all dates of US Topo maps (2009-present).

topoBuilder– Enables users to request customized USGS-style topographic maps, known as OnDemand Topos, that utilize the best available data from The National Map.

The National Map Services - Over 40 National Map Web Map Services are available for use.  Subscribe to a Simple Notification Service (SNS) for notifications about any upcoming service changes.

TNM Access API – REST APIs to access The National Map (TNM) data. Lists of datasets from the USGS ScienceBase Catalog, the list of services available, and search capability for map/data products available from the ScienceBase Catalog.

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