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We conduct hydrologic monitoring and investigative studies in partnership with Federal, State, and local agencies to assist them in managing California's water resources.

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Data Program

Hydrologic data collection, processing, analysis, dissemination, and archiving are essential to identifying and understanding water resources challenges, and developing sustainable future solutions. Streamflow data, for example, are used for flood and water-supply forecasts, planning and design, river regulation, streamflow statistics, and research investigations. Much of the data are available on a near-real-time basis by satellite telemetry. We operate approximately 500 streamgages and monitor nearly 3,000 groundwater wells.

California Water Research Projects

Our team of hydrologists, geologists, ecologists, biologists, chemists, modelers, geographers, data specialists, and technicians are conducting over 100 interdisciplinary studies addressing specific challenges presented by California's complex water landscape.


The CAWSC works in partnership with federal, state, and local agencies. We provide data and scientific analyses to assist these agencies in their management of California's water resources.