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Our staff consists of scientists, technicians, and support personnel who are committed to providing accurate and timely water science to California and the Nation. See links under "Connect" for locations and more staff contact information.


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Gabriel Lopez

Public Information Coordinator / Administrative Assistant

Mathieu Marineau

Program Chief, Watersheds, Ecology, and Integrated Hydrologic Monitoring

Joseph Domagalski

Program Chief, Biogeochemistry and Contaminants

Claudia C. Faunt

Program Chief, Groundwater Availability and Use Assessments

Miranda Fram

Program Chief, Statewide and National Water Quality Assessments

Matthew K Landon

Program Chief, California Oil, Gas and Groundwater

Paul Work, Ph.D., P.E., D.CE

Program Chief, Estuarine Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Science Writer/Multimedia Producer Steve Ackley 916-431-8359
Hydrologic Technician Malanyon Adams 916-278-3000
Field Coordinator Sarmad Alkayssi 916-278-3064
Administrative Operations Assistant Jordon S Almos 916-278-3000
Research Chemist Charles N Alpers 916-278-3134
Research Hydrologist Robert Anders 619-225-6155
Hydrologic Technician Lisa Shea Anderson 707-468-4040
Fish Biologist David Ayers 916-374-8554
Hydrologic Technician Davis J Badger 805-928-9539
Administrative Operations Assistant Chardae Baker
Hydrologist Mariia Balkan 916-278-3095
Hydrologic Technician Tim Baxter 916-278-3000
Supervisory Research Hydrologist Ken Belitz 858-775-6309
Hydrologist George Bennett 916-278-3099
Research Chemist Brian Bergamaschi 916-278-3053
Hydrologic Technician Thomas Bergamaschi 916-278-3000
Geographer Sandra Bond 916-278-3031
Biologist Keith Bouma-Gregson, PhD 510-230-3691
Hydrologist Scott Boyce, PhD 619-225-6102
Geophysicist Justin Brandt 916-278-3159
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Gregory Brewster 916-278-3132
Hydrologic Technician Anthony A. Brown 619-225-6140
Physical Scientist Stephanie Buck 918-237-0588
Hydrologic Technician Dylan Burau 916-278-3294
Supervisory Hydrologist Jon Burau 916-997-4206
Research Hydrologist Karen Burow 916-278-3087
Deputy Associate Director for Data Louis A Caldwell 619-225-6103
Hydrologist Allen Christensen 619-225-6175
Biological Science Technician Justin K Clause 916-278-3000
Administrative Operations Assistant Jordan Conneely 916-278-3000
Supervisory Geologist, Chief Research Drilling Program Steven M Crawford 702-823-1235
Geologist Geoff Cromwell 805-928-9539
Ext: 11
Hydrologist Daniel Culling 619-225-6194
Program Chief, Watersheds, Ecology, and Integrated Hydrologic Modeling Debra Curry -- --
Geologist Jennifer A. Curtis 707-834-7818
Research Hydrologist Wesley Danskin 619-225-6132
Hydrologist Tracy Davis 619-225-6143
Hydrologic Technician Alonso G De La O 909-798-3272
Student Trainee (Hydrology) Matthew De Parsia 916-278-3080
Hydrologist Erica De Parsia 916-278-3211
Hydrologic Technician Ayelet Delascagigas 916-823-1793
Management Analyst Gregory Denn 619-225-6100
Hydrologist Meghan C Dick 619-225-6159
Associate Director for Data Mark R Dickman 916-278-9111
Program Chief, Biogeochemistry and Contaminants Joseph Domagalski 916-278-3077
IT Specialist John Donovan 916-278-3120
Research Hydrologist Judith Z Drexler 916-278-3057
Biologist Taylor Eddy 650-329-4448
Hydrologist John A Engott 916-278-4808
Hydrologist Kirsten E Faulkner 916-278-3227
Program Chief, Groundwater Availability and Use Assessments Claudia C. Faunt 619-225-6142
Hydrologist Nicole C Fenton 619-225-6159
Research Fish Biologist Frederick Feyrer 916-278-3232
Research Hydrologist Jacob A Fleck 916-278-3063
Program Chief, Statewide and National Water Quality Assessments Miranda Fram 916-278-3088
Hydrologic Technician Haruchika L Fujiwara 916-278-3000
Hydrologist Riley Gannon 858-598-4165
Physical Scientist Kathleen D Gans 650-329-5511
Hydrologic Technician Todd Geiger 805-928-9539
Hydrologic Technician Ben R Glass 805-928-9539
Hydrologist Dara Goldrath 619-225-6174
Hydrologist Krishangi Groover 619-225-6144
Research Chemist Michael S Gross 916-278-3176
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Anthony Guerriero 831-460-7494
Visual Information Specialist Emerson Gusto 916-278-3000
Hydrologist Angela Hansen 916-278-3306
Hydrologist Jeffrey A Hansen 916-278-3076
Hydrologist Jennifer Harkness 916-278-3029
Hydrologist David Hart 916-278-9256
Geologist Emily A Haugen 916-278-9040
Hydrologist Dan Haught, Ph.D. 916-278-3171
Research Hydrologist Wesley Henson, Ph.D. 619-225-6170
Administrative Officer Glenn Henz 916-278-3101
Research Hydrologist Joseph A Hevesi 916-278-3274
Hydrologic Technician Michael Hitzelberger 916-278-3000
Research Chemist Michelle L Hladik 916-278-3183
Hydrologic Technician Paul Honeywell 530-587-0910
Science Communications Sally House 619-225-6133
Hydrologist James F Howle 530-587-0910
Ext: 2017
Fish Biologist Brock Huntsman 916-278-3117
Research Hydrologist John Izbicki 619-225-6131
Hydrologist Elizabeth Jachens 916-278-3000
Hydrologic Technician Thomas A. Jetson (Johnston) 916-278-3110
Research Geographer Tyler Johnson 619-225-6137
Hydrologic Technician Nathan I Jumps 916-278-3000
Research Hydrologist Bryant C Jurgens 916-278-3275
Hydrologic Technician Adam Kjos 619-225-6145
Geographer Kathryn Koczot 619-225-6152
Research Soil Scientist Tamara Kraus 916-278-3260
Research Hydrologist Justin Kulongoski 619-225-6122
Hydrologist Michael T Land 619-225-6168
Program Chief, California Oil, Gas and Groundwater Matthew K Landon 619-225-6109
Hydrologist Joshua Larsen 619-225-6123
Biological Science Technician Veronica Larwood 916-716-7372
Hydrologic Technician Michael J Lee 909-798-3272
Hydrologist Leah E Kammel Lenoch 608-212-7890
Research Geologist Zeno Levy, Ph.D. 916-278-3005
Public Information Coordinator / Administrative Assistant Gabriel Lopez 916-278-3026
Hydrologist/Projects Program Coordinator Joan Lopez 916-278-3085
Physical Scientist Vong Lor 916-278-3242
Program Chief, Watersheds, Ecology, and Integrated Hydrologic Monitoring Mathieu Marineau 916-278-3179
Scientist Emeritus Peter R Martin 619-225-6127
Geographer Donald Martin 619-225-6162
Hydrologic Technician Timothy M Mathany 916-278-3066
Hydrologic Technician Anthony McCarlson 619-225-6107
Geographer Kelly R McPherson 916-278-3169
Geologist Connor Joseph McVey 916-278-3039
Hydrologist Gregory Mendez 619-225-6176
Hydrologic Technician Ryan Mesmer 619-225-6165
Hydrologist Loren Metzger 916-278-3003
Hydrologist Tara Morgan-King 916-374-8554
Hydrologic Technician Andrew Y Morita 619-225-6167
Associate Director for Projects Anke Mueller-Solger, PhD 916-278-3198
Hydrologic Technician Kyle Nakatsuka 916-278-3133
Hydrologist Joseph Nawikas 530-587-0910
Biologist Erica Nejad 650-329-5004
Hydrologic Technician Elisabeth Newman 916-278-3000
Hydrologic Technician Phoebe R Nicholls 916-278-3000
Research Physicist Emeritus John R. Nimmo, Ph. D. 650-329-4537
Scientist Emeritus Tracy Nishikawa 619-225-6148
Research Chemist Lisa Nowell 916-278-3096
Hydrologic Technician Katy O'Donnell 916-278-3291
Hydrologist James Orlando 916-278-3271
Hydrologic Technician Danielle Palm 916-278-3022
Supervisory Hydrologist Edmund Parvin 530-587-0910
Hydrologist Scott Paulinski 619-225-6100
Hydrologic Technician Michael Perrine 530-246-5282
Hydrologic Technician Milissa F Peterson 619-225-6100
Administrative Officer Jeanette R Rainey 916-709-5995
Hydrologist Katherine Ransom 916-817-9259
IT Specialist (CUSTSPT) Edward Reeves 619-225-6196
Center Director Eric Reichard 619-225-6134
Physical Scientist Emily Richardson 916-278-3000
Hydrologic Technician Shanna L Rose 916-278-3036
Hydrologist Celia Rosecrans 916-278-3293
Hydrologist Catherine Ruhl 916-617-2799
Ext: 7720
Hydrologist Michael Rush, PhD 619-225-6100
Research Hydrologist Dina Saleh 916-278-3273
Chemist Corey Sanders 916-278-3289
Hydologist David M Segal 239-275-8448
Ext: 27
Student Trainee (Hydrology) Neil Seitz 619-225-6163
Geographer Whitney Seymour 619-225-6149
Hydrologist Jennifer Shelton 916-278-3068
Associate Director for Science Operations Michelle Shouse 916-278-9560
Hydrologist Michelle Sneed 916-278-3119
Hydrologist Andrew L Soldavini 619-225-6139
Hydrologic Technician James R Solum 805-928-9539
Hydrologic Technician Jeniffer Soto Perez 916-278-3061
Hydrologist Christina L Stamos-Pfeiffer 619-225-6141
Hydrologist Zachary Stanko 619-225-6448
Hydrologist Michael J Stephens 916-278-9240
Hydrologist Michelle Stern 916-278-3093
Hydrologist/Data Administrator Sylvia Stork 916-278-3115
Physical Research Scientist Ellen Stuart-Haëntjens (previously Goodrich-Stuart) 916-278-3000
Geologist Elizabeth B. Stumpner 916-278-3067
Hydrologist Paul Stumpner 916-207-6761
Hydrologic Technician Daryna Sushch 916-278-3000
Program Officer Kimberly Taylor, PhD 916-825-6264
Hydrologic Technician Elias Tejeda 916-278-3000
Hydrologic Technician Jessica Teunis 619-225-6114
Hydrologist Jonathan Traum 916-278-3129
Hydrologist Stefan Voss 916-278-3109
IT Specialist (Customer Support) Jennifer Wagner 916-278-3184
Physical Scientist Brendan Wakefield 916-278-3082
Hydrologist John G Warden, Ph.D. 619-225-6100
ITT Chief Stuart Wilson 775-887-7608
Physical Scientist Emily E Woodward 412-569-1004
Research Hydrologist Linda R Woolfenden 916-278-3014
Program Chief, Estuarine Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport Paul Work, Ph.D., P.E., D.CE 916-618-3899
Program Chief, Watersheds, Ecology, and Integrated Hydrologic Modeling (Acting) Scott A Wright 916-278-3024
Hydrologist Michael T Wright 619-225-6120
Biologist Marissa Wulff 916-278-3299
Fish Biologist Matthew J Young, PhD 916-278-3004
Reports Specialist Jeffrey Ziegeweid 612-209-6436