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The first edition of "In The Flow," the newsletter of the Maryland, Delaware, Washington, D.C. Water Science Center focused on water science issues in our region.

"Benefits of distributed stormwater management for protecting stream ecosystems" Documented in First of its Kind 20-Year Stormwater Management Study

Video Transcript
Clarksburg, Maryland

Urban development is a well know stressor for stream ecosystems, leading to increased amounts of pollution, changes in streamflow characteristics, and degradation of aquatic life in streams.

This study, a partnership between the U.S. Geological Survey and Montgomery County, Maryland, is the first to evaluate the impacts of different arrangements of stormwater practices on a suite of factors that influence stream health through long-term monitoring in suburban neighborhoods in Clarksburg, Maryland.


Aerial Survey Gathers Important Data on Groundwater Salinity Beneath The Delaware Bay

Video Transcript
Delaware Bay

A helicopter carrying a large hula-hoop? For science?

That’s right! Over the 2022 summer, the USGS conducted an aerial electromagnetic survey of the Delaware Bay to collect data on groundwater salinity. Rising sea level, increasing frequency and intensity of coastal storms, and increasing demand for groundwater have amplified the risk of saltwater impacting water supplies in the region.


The USGS Reflects Upon The Devastating Floods in Ellicott City

Video Transcript
Ellicott City, Maryland

On May 27, 2018, the second devastating flash flood in two years swept through historic Ellicott City. Brief but intense rainfall caused the flood which tragically claimed the life of one person and damaged buildings, vehicles, and property.

In the days following, USGS crews surveyed the site, collecting vital information about flood levels and flows. Hydrologists Jonathan Dillow and Ed Doheny (retired) discuss the USGS response in this video.


Stories of the Water Cycle Lightning Talks by Jon Dillow and Marina Metes

Jon and Marina Talk Stories of the Water Cycle Slide

At Stories of the Water Cycle, a virtual party celebrating the release of the much-anticipated updated USGS Water Cycle Diagram, MD-DE-DC scientists Jon Dillow and Marina Metes presented on the topic of Suburban and Urban Stormwater Management and Runoff.



Welcome To New Supervisory Hydrologist Joshua Thompson

Joshua Thompson sits on the peak of a mountain next to a landmark.

A big welcome to Joshua Thompson, our new Supervisory Hydrologist!

Josh will lead a team of scientists in our studies section, including hydrologists and GIS and coding specialists. Josh received his Ph.D. in Environmental Hydrology from Queen’s University Belfast. When not working, Josh likes to bike, play soccer, and surf (or at least try to!).


2022 Center Awards

Composite image of some of the 2022 MD-DE-DC award recipients.
Composite image of some of the 2022 MD-DE-DC award recipients.

Our center announced the recipients of our yearly awards in September. Find out who received Employee of the Year, Project of the Year, and more!


USGS On The Road Season 2 Coming This December 14

On The Road Banner 2
Heading banner for On The Road Web Series, USGS MD-DE-DC Water Science Center. 

Are you ready to take a Water Science Road Trip?

USGS On The Road is a web-series about USGS scientists and water science from all corners of Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, D.C.

This December 14, we’ll take you on a ride to a beautiful blue dam in Western Maryland, a remote stream on the Eastern Shore, groundwater sampling in DC, and more in Season 2.

Catch up on Season 1, where we travelled from the suburbs of DC to the swamps of the Eastern Shore.


Catch Up On Our Latest Publications

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Ephemeral stream network extraction from lidar-derived elevation and topographic attributes in urban and forested landscapes


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