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November 2, 2023

This fall, the East Hartford, Connecticut office of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) New England Water Science Center relocated to the campus of Goodwin University.

“USGS is very excited to partner with Goodwin University and to extend our science, and expertise to its students and the East Hartford community,” said Johnathan Bumgarner, Director of the USGS New England Water Science Center. “The new building provides our scientists and Goodwin students with a fresh, modernized space in which to advance geologic and hydrologic science for Connecticut, New England, and the nation.”

A garage with concrete floor and exposed ceiling.
The New England Water Science Center's Connecticut office has a spacious three-door garage.

An accredited, nonprofit institution of higher education, Goodwin University offers associates, bachelor’s and master’s degrees across a range of disciplines. The new building creates a space for collaboration between students, faculty, and USGS staff.

“We envision this partnership to enable our minority- and urban-serving institution to provide opportunities for students through lecture series and internships,” said Bruce Morton, Associate Professor of Science at Goodwin’s School of Applied Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. “Through this relationship, USGS scientists will visit the university regularly, interacting with students and faculty. Sometimes these visits will result in shared research and real-world working experiences. The goal of the partnership will be to advance hydrologic research, teaching, outreach, career development and conservation stewardship in geologic and hydrologic sciences.”

Located about two miles south of the former Connecticut office, the newly-constructed building spans more than 10,000 square feet. It houses many private and shared office spaces, two conference rooms, a laboratory, warehouses, and information technology rooms. The modern interior is white and brightly lit throughout, and the break room lets in a lot of natural light through two all-glass walls.

The USGS New England Water Science Center Connecticut office is located at 339 Main Street, East Hartford, CT  06118.

 A white square building with asphalt in the foreground and blue skies in the background.
The New England Water Science Center Connecticut Office is located on the campus of Goodwin University at 339 Main Street in East Hartford.
A kitchen area with tables and two walls of windows.
The break room in the Connecticut Office has two walls of windows that bring in a lot of natural light.

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