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USGS National Water Dashboard: Modern Water Data Delivery for the Next Decade 

USGS Oklahoma-Texas Water Science Center Webinar Series - Friday July 16, 11 am Central

The USGS National Water Dashboard (NWD) is a new mobile-friendly tool that provides real-time information on water levels, and weather and flood forecasts all in one interactive mapping application. Building on innovative work by the Oklahoma-Texas Water Science Center with the USGS Texas Water Dashboard that was launched in early 2016, the NWD represents the next step in the evolution of USGS water data delivery as part of the USGS Network Operations Management System (NOMS) project. As a national-scale web mapping application, the NWD serves decision makers, emergency managers, and the public with data and information for real-time stream, lake and reservoir, precipitation, and groundwater data from more than 13,500 USGS observation sites across the country. This information is shown along with NOAA weather data such as radar, watches and warnings, past precipitation totals, precipitation forecasts, and drought conditions from open water data sources.


     Press Release:


The webinar will be held as Microsoft Teams Live Event.  Attendees can attend the Teams Live Event by web browser, desktop Teams app, or official iOS or Android Teams app.  At this time, attendees cannot join from a mobile web browser.

     Webinar Time: Friday July 16, 11 am Central

     Join the Webinar: Teams Live Event link

For additional information, please contact Lynne Fahlquist at


PRESENTERTom Burley, Physical Scientist and Informatics Specialist, Oklahoma-Texas Water Science Center
Thomas Burley is a Physical Scientist with the USGS where he has worked since 2009. Currently he is part of the USGS Oklahoma-Texas Water Science Center, Science and Quality Assurance Branch. As the Center Informatics Specialist, he helps to promote consistency and scientific integrity through technology transfer, technical support, and mentoring around hydroinformatics and data management issues. He is a Data Management lead for the Regional Stream-Quality Assessment component of the USGS ​National Water Quality Program, a multi​-year program focused on understanding the relative importance of multiple stressors on biological condition through extensive physical, chemical, and biological data and statistical modeling. He is also the USGS National Water Dashboard (NWD) Product Owner; and in that role is charged with marshaling resources to optimize the value of the NWD to stakeholders, setting the NWD vision, along with development prioritization.


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