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Ashton F. Flinders, Ph.D.

As a research geophysicist at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, Ashton Flinders, is responsible for the observatory's gravity monitoring program. His interests lie at the cross section of crustal geophysics and ocean mapping, exploration and characterization. Dr. Flinders is a USGS Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellow and Presidential Management Fellow (PMF) alumnus.

Ashton Flinders is a Research Geophysicist at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. His research covers marine and subaerial geophysics and ocean mapping, exploration and characterization, with emphasis on imaging crustal magma systems using seismic and gravity methods. He has produced one of the only few full-waveform seismic tomography models of a U.S. volcano (Long Valley, California; Flinders and others, 2018).

He is also interested in regional/global-scale marine data compilations and his Hawaiian Islands marine and land gravity (Flinders and others, 2010), and U.S. Arctic Extended Continental Shelf (ECS) regional bathymetry (Flinders and others, 2014) data compilations are the definitive datasets for these regions.

He has participated in 17 research cruises including three cruises as lead hydrographer, four quality-assurance/sea-acceptance test in support of the National Science Foundation’s Multibeam Advisory Committee, two cruises supported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office of Ocean Exploration, and seven Remotely Operated Vehicle cruises.

He is also a Presidential Management Fellow alumnus, with training focused on collaborative and cooperative problem solving and leadership.