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Patricia Ging

Patty Ging is a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in Austin, TX. Her interests include various water-quality studies.

Patty's first project with the USGS combined with her masters degree work was on the Bull Creek watershed in the Austin, TX area which was evaluating stream water quality with respect to development. After completing masters degree, she joined the National Water Quality Assessment (NAWQA) program mainly dealing with surface water quality in the South-Central Texas study area and the Trinity River study area. She has been involved in many aspects of the NAWQA program including data management and regional analysis of surface water quality. Patty now oversees all the NAWQA work in Texas including surface water and ground water sampling.

Career Highlights

Use of nitrate isotopes to determine sources of nutrients in small urban watersheds
Water quality studies throughout the state of Texas
Comparison of water quality with two sampling procedures
Organic Compounds in stream water used for public supply
SPARROW modeling of nutrients to the Gulf of Mexico
Water quality in areas overlying hydrocarbon production areas in Texas