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Wendy K. Stovall, Ph.D.

Communications professional and volcanologist who serves as the Associate Coordinator of the USGS Volcano Hazards Program (VHP).

As the Associate Program Coordinator of the Volcano Hazards Program, I assist the program in streamlining the process for cooperative agreements with partner organizations. I assist the Program Coordinator in reporting on and administering NVEWS, the annual budget, and workflow with the Volcano Science Center.

I am a subject matter expert in volcano science, hazards, and crisis response, particularly for eruptions of lava fountains that produce cinder cones and lava lakes. I've participated in interviews with all major national and international broadcast networks during several U.S. and international volcanic crisis events. With a background in Internet marketing, I led the planning and execution of digital communication products for the Volcano Science Center and associated volcano observatories, including official notifications, website content, and social media. I have worked with all USGS volcano observatories to coordinate communication products, procedures, and projects to streamline processes throughout the Volcano Science Center. 

As the Deputy Scientist in Charge of the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory, I focused on invigorating research in the Intermountain Western United States for potentially eruptive distributed volcanic fields.



*Disclaimer: Listing outside positions with professional scientific organizations on this Staff Profile are for informational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement of those professional scientific organizations or their activities by the USGS, Department of the Interior, or U.S. Government