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Amphibian and Reptile Species Distribution Explorer

March 8, 2023

The Amphibian and Reptile Species Distribution Explorer provides information about herptile distributions and species richness in an easy-to-understand and accessible format for scientists and natural resource managers, interested landowners, citizen scientists, and anyone interested in amphibians and reptiles. This Explorer builds on the efforts of the USGS Gap Analysis Project (GAP) by calculating and summarizing the overlap of individually modeled species distribution rasters and common ecological or political boundaries. The Explorer provides insight for questions such as:

  • What reptile and amphibian species could be found within my region?
  • Does this species only occur within my region?
  • What are trends in amphibian and reptile species richness within my region?'

Helpful tips on how to use the Explorer can be found on the tool's Introduction page, along with more information on data sources.