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August 30, 2023

At the Closing Ceremony of AmeriGEO Week 2023, held August 7-12 at the University of Costa Rica, USGS Office of International Programs Student Intern Amber Kremer received AmeriGEO’s Individual Excellence Award. 

AmeriGEO, comprising delegations from nations in the Americas that are members of the international Group on Earth Observations (GEO), convenes each year for a week of collaboration, information, and capacity exchange on topics relating to Earth Observations and their use. AmeriGEO Week 2023, with the theme Data Driven Solutions for a Sustainable Planet, was hosted by Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment and Energy. The hybrid event brought together representatives from 19 countries for a week of technical sessions, hands-on training, side events, and an annual meeting of GEO’s Americas Caucus. The U.S. delegation was led by Dr. Stephen Volz, Assistant Administrator for Satellite and Information Services, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Photograph of two men and two women in formal wear on stage with wood paneling and projection screen in background
L-R: Stephen Volz (Director, NOAA satellite programs), Marilyn Calvo (GEO Principal, Costa Rica), Amber Kremer (USGS), and Jose Pasapera (GEO Alternate Principal, Peru). (Virginia Burkett, USGS)

The award was presented to Ms. Kremer by Dr. Angelica Gutierrez, AmeriGEO Secretariat Director, and Ms. Marilyn Calvo, GEO Principal from Costa Rica with the citation: "In admiration and recognition of your outstanding work. Your unwavering dedication, tireless pursuit of success, and commitment to excellence have profoundly benefited AmeriGEO, the GEOPathways program, and the communities we serve." 

Ms. Kremer previously represented AmeriGEO on a 2023 International Women’s Day panel, "Slow and fast disasters: Stories about women, Earth observation and digitalization". The early-career panel members described how digital Earth observation played a role in solving problems and preventing disasters across disciplines and across the globe.

Ms. Kremer has been working with the USGS Office of International Programs as a specialist in remote sensing and geospatial science. She recently received a Master of Science degree from Oregon State University.


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