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The Bander's Code of Ethics

The Bander's Code of Ethics below applies to every aspect of bird banding.

This code was developed by the North American Banding Council and summarizes the most important responsibilities of every bird bander.

The Bander's Code of Ethics

1. Ensure the respect, safety, and welfare of birds and their populations, people, and the environment.

  • Handle each bird carefully, gently, quietly, and in minimum time; capture and process only as many birds as you can safely handle given your ability and the environmental conditions
  • Follow safety procedures as outlined in NABC materials and constantly innovate ways to conduct operations more safely
  • Follow the NABC Code of Conduct to help guide professional behavior

2. Design or use appropriate studies, methods, and analyses to advance a valid scientific purpose.

  • Collect accurate data and submit to an appropriate data repository
  • Collaborate to maximize data collection and to avoid duplicating effort
  • Promote and contribute to projects using standardized protocols when appropriate

3. Be accountable and strive for high standards.

  • Engage in self-assessment and invite assessments from others to ensure that your work is beyond reproach
  • Share knowledge and offer honest and constructive feedback to others to improve skills and banding practices

4. Obtain all necessary permits and permissions; understand and adhere to the conditions, responsibilities, and limitations thereof.