Requests for Sub-permits

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Requests for sub-permitees need to be made by the master Bander. Sub-permit requests should include the following information:

1. Name and contact information for the sub-permittee.

2. Email address for each sub-permittee.

3. A resume of their banding experience that includes the following information for each banding project:

  • Dates project was conducted
  • Location
  • Capture techniques that were used and the species/species groups and approximate number of birds captured with each technique
  • The species/species groups and approximate number of birds that were handled and banded
  • If auxiliary markers were used in the project, the type of marker(s), the attachment method(s), species, and number of individual birds that were marked
  • Any other banding-related activities such as blood sampling and feather sampling
  • The name of the master bander who was responsible for this project
  • If any formal training courses have been taken, please list the course title, dates, location, instructor, and a short summary of the course content. Additionally, include the species and approximate number of birds that were handled during the course, capture techniques used, and any other relevant information

4. The authorizations that are being requested for the new sub-permit. Please recognize that the bander must be fully trained in each technique and able to operate independently before the BBL will approve the requested authorizations on a new sub-permit. These authorizations must include:

  • The state(s) where the sub-permittee will be banding
  • The species/species groups that will be banded and/or marked. A complete list of BBL species groups is found here
  • The specific capture techniques that will be used. A complete list of capture techniques is found here
  • Need for auxiliary marking authorization including the type of marker that will be used, the attachment method (if applicable), and other relevant information as indicated on the auxiliary marking request page
  • Any other authorizations such as blood and/or feather sampling

Please allow at least 2 months for processing of the sub-permit requests

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