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The Bird Banding Laboratory (BBL) normally provides a statewide banding authorization for the master bander’s state or territory of residence. In some situations, however, the geographic extent of these authorizations may be restricted depending on the size of the state/territory, the proposed banding activities, and other factors.

If a bander would like to be authorized to band in another state or territory, they should provide the following information to the BBL:

  • Master bander’s name, permit number and all sub-permits requiring this authorization.
  • Project proposal(s) to justify these activities.

Requests for sub-permittees to band in a state or territory where their master bander is not actively banding birds will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. In situations where graduate students are conducting research under their advisor’s master permit, these requests are normally granted. However, in other situations where sub-permittees will be banding independently in a different state than where the master bander resides, especially where the states are separated geographically, the BBL will probably require the sub-permittee to obtain their own Master permit or to find a Master bander within their state of residence who is willing to supervise their banding activities.

Please allow 2 months lead time to process your request.

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