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Message from the Team Leader

The overall goal of the USGS Mercury Research Lab is to provide an improved scientific understanding of factors leading to mercury contamination of aquatic ecosystems. We provide scientific leadership in study design and execution and provide expert assistance to collaborating scientists within the USGS and other state and Federal agencies.

A significant emphasis of the team is to ensure that the results from our studies are delivered to decision makers in a timely and effective manner. Our team of scientists covers a broad range of expertise (chemistry, biology, hydrology, limnology, and physical sciences) and our laboratory has a broad array of state-of-the-art instrumentation. Together, this allow us to implement mercury studies in just about any type of ecosystem in the world. The activities of the Mercury Research Laboratory fall into two broad categories: (1) research projects, and (2) technical and analytical support for collaborators. 

As a national leader in mercury research, our projects are designed to answer land-resource management questions that help decision makers make informed choices. With projects stretching from Alaska to Florida, and California to Maine, we can provide a true national perspective on mercury in the environment.

Our analytical laboratory has a well-established, international reputation for excellence in the quantification and speciation of mercury in all forms of environmental samples (water, sediment, biota, and air).  We have developed and published method validation papers for most of our techniques, and always strive to improve our capabilities.  As new approaches emerge with the promise for improved speciation, sensitivity, or rate of analysis, we harness those ideas, verify their efficacy, and implement the new tools.

In all our endeavors, we strive for excellent customer service while providing the best possible data. Our collaborators can rely on our team to deliver expert assistance in method development for both field and laboratory procedures; sound interpretation of data; and timely progress reports. Please reach out to me or any of my teammates with your questions or project ideas.  We’re always interested in new opportunities to apply our expertise.

Please reach out us with your questions or project ideas.  We’re always interested in new ideas and collaboration opportunities on mercury science.