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The National Water Quality Laboratory (NWQL) maintains the LabHelp ( mailbox monitored by the Quality Assurance Section (QAS) and the Login Unit (LU).  NWQL customers can use the LabHelp mailbox to submit NWQL-related email questions to laboratory staff.



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Milton E. Marshall

Chief, Support Services
Supervisory Supply Management Specialist

Helen L Wharry (Former Employee)

Chief, Safety, Health & Environmental Services

Kathy A Lindblom

Supervisory IT Specialist
Supervisory IT Specialist

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Chemist Cyrissa A. Anderson 303-236-3499
Chemist Kitchner Forest Ash 303-236-3160
General Supply Specialist Germaine J. Baron 303-236-3704
Chemist Jonathan D Boothe 303-236-1461
Chemist Mary E Cast 303-236-3463
Student Trainee (Chemistry) Janette M Cottrell 303-236-3945
Physical Scientist/Login Supervisor Mark E Cree 303-236-3181
Chemist Jennifer M Croskrey 303-236-3172
Physical Scientist Jonathan P Currier 303-236-3706
Information Technology Specialist Bruce R Darnel 303-236-3725
Assistant Director Dana E Erickson 720-800-2915
Research Chemist James L Gray, PhD 303-236-3776
Biologist Scott A Grotheer 303-236-3486
Geologist Cayce Gulbransen 303-236-4722
IT specialist Michael R Haschke 303-236-3735
Chemist Dawn M Hemmerle 303-236-3475
Biologist Robert W Hood 303-236-3485
Chemist Virendra K Jha 303-236-3242
Chemist Valerie S Jugert 303-236-3161
Chemist Christopher J Kanagy 303-236-3262
Chemist Leslie K Kanagy 303-236-3243
Supply Technician Christopher B Knoll 303-236-2000
Computer Engineer Bryon A Lawrence 303-236-3730
maintenance mechanic Andrew J Lucero 303-236-2000
Chief, Support Services Milton E. Marshall 303-236-3715
Chief Jeff W. McCoy 303-236-3500
Chemist Lucinda K Murtagh 303-236-3281
Chemist Joshua J Nordick 303-236-3162
Chemist Cecilia A O'Connor 303-236-3142
Chemist Terry C Petrosky 303-236-3279
Supervisory Chemist Nino Raynor 303-236-3470
Chemist Rhiannon C Revello 303-236-3258
Chemist Eric A Schwab 303-236-3178
Chemist Steven G Smith 303-236-3275
Physical Science Technician Jeffrey T Stewart 303-236-3276
Chemist Scot D Stewart 303-236-3272
Chemist Joshua E Sussman 303-236-3209
Physical Science Technician James F Trumbo 303-236-3291
Chemist Christy J Van Campen 303-236-3768
Physical Science Technician Steven G Van Valkenburg 303-236-3167
Chemist ALLISON K Vaughan 303-236-3444
Supply Technician (data entry) Jennifer N VELASQUEZ 303-236-3717
Space and Facilities Coordinator Rafael A Vilanova 303-236-3701
Chemist Susan M Whitcomb 303-236-3213
Physical Science Technician Thomas R White 303-236-3195
Physical Science Technician Michelle Wood 303-236-3264
Physical Science Technician Louis T Zinanti 303-236-3256