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Organic Geochemistry Laboratory

Learn about the Organic Geochemistry Laboratory suite at the USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center in Santa Cruz, California.

The Organic Geochemistry Laboratory consists of three separate laboratories serving specific purposes for the processing of environmental samples. The environmental samples analyzed in the lab include sediment, water, tissue, rock and ash. Facilities and equipment include specialized preparatory and instrumental laboratories housing a suite of gas chromatography systems, state of the art high resolution triple quad mass spectrometer and various sample preparative instruments. 

Slideshow of equipment used in the Organic Geochemistry Lab.


Sample Preparation Lab 

The Sample Preparation Lab includes a Labconco Free-Zone 4.5 Freeze Dryer oil-free vacuum pump, flammable storage cabinets, multiple analytical balances, and various freezers for sample storage including explosion proof freezers, multiple -20 C freezers, and a -80°C freezer. 

Extraction Lab 

In the Extraction Lab, Turbo-Vap II and Reacti-Vap sample evaporators are used to concentrate extracts. The Dionex Accelerated Solvent Extraction system is a fully automated sample extraction system that operates under high temperature and high pressure. 

Instrument Lab 

The Instrument Lab includes a state-of-the-art Triple Quad Mass Spectrometer, Parker-Balston Hydrogen generator, and a EVol Digital Pipettor.