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CoSMoS Southern California flooding hazard scenarios

Detailed Description

ZIP file (3.6 MB) contains three files when uncompressed: 

  • an essential readme.txt file and
  • model projections of two Southern California flooding hazard scenarios:
     - ARkStorm, and
     - January 2010 El Niño and Sea-Level Rise.

For more information, see CoSMoS 1.0: Southern California

Suggested Citation: Barnard, P.L., van Ormondt, M., Erikson, L.H., Eshleman, J., Hapke, C., Ruggiero, P., Adams, P. N., and Foxgrover, A. 2014. Coastal Storm Modeling System: CoSMoS. Southern California 1.0, projected flooding hazards, doi: 10.5066/F74B2ZB4


Public Domain.