MSSRVRCV User’s Manual

MSSRVRCV User’s ManualMSSRVRCV User’s Manual

Detailed Description

Program MSSRVRCV (Multi-State SuRVival and ReCoVery analysis) computes
parameter estimates of survival, state transition, recovery, and capture probability using the
model structure of Kendall et al. (Ecology, in review). MSSRVRCV is a generalization of
program MSSURVIV (Brownie et al. 1993), and allows the use of state specific band recoveries
in addition to usual recapture/resighting data to estimate demographic parameters. As such, the
estimation routine consists of a specially modified version of Dr. G. White’s program SURVIV
(White, 1983). With program MSSRVRCV and its companion program, CNVMSRCV , users
are able to get parameter estimates without having to specify cell probabilities.


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