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PGRL Method for Qualitative Biomarker Analysis by GC-MSD

MSDMethod.pdf (684.25 KB)

Detailed Description

This method identifies biomarkers in sedimentary organic matter, including rock extracts and petroleum, to provide insight into thermal maturity, depositional environment, reservoir characterization, oil-to-oil and oil-to-rock correlation, and source rock characterization. The biomarkers are chromatographically separated and detected using gas chromatography (GC) interfaced with a single quadrupole mass spectrometer (MS), which is also known as a mass selective detector (MSD). Parameters are calculated from the peak areas and/or heights of specific compounds to determine their relative abundance in a sample. This biomarker screening tool is intended to provide additional context to a sample and may inform subsequent in-depth analysis with complimentary methods, such as GC–triple quadrupole mass spectrometry or stable isotope analysis.


Public Domain.