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1923 historic photo of 128-Mile Rapid on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon by E.C. LaRue

Detailed Description

Repeat photography images of 128-Mile Rapid on the Colorado River, Grand Canyon, AZ, looking upstream from the top of a schist outcrop just below 128-Mile Rapid from a point on the left bank, 66.8 miles below the Little Colorado River and ½ mile below Specter Chasm, at RM 128.4. Note changes in the debris fan since 1923 that reduced the constriction of the rapid. The original 1923 photograph was taken by E.C. LaRue during the 1923 USGS Birdseye Expedition, and has a panoramic view, whereas a later image taken by Teo Melis, USGS, in 1991, is at a different scale and provides a partial match. Stake s2034 in the Southwest Repeat Photography Collection.


Public Domain.