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3DEP DEM Viewer Visualizations Wheeler Peak , New Mexico (NM)

Detailed Description

The USGS 3DEP DEM viewer may be accessed at:

Left to right:



A color visualization of the compass direction that a hillside or slope faces, measured clockwise in degrees from 0 (due north) to 360 (again due north)


Lines that connect locations of equal elevation generated with specified intervals and options for smoothing to create more cartographically pleasing contours 

Elevation Tinted Hillshade

Combines hillshade with a color tint applied to the same terrain to represent elevation


Generated by setting a solar azimuth of 315 degrees and solar altitude of 45 degrees position to calculate the illumination values of each cell in relation to neighboring cells

Multi-directional Hillshade

The hillshade computed from 6 different directions


A color visualization of the maximum rate of change in value from that cell to its neighbors; flat surfaces are gray, shallow slopes are yellow and steep slopes are orange


Public Domain.