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amegilla, m, face, india

Detailed Description

Tongue of the Amegilla. You can see the longgggg tongue with its brushed tip designed to lap nectar and the odd bits of pollen. You can also see the sheathes and the palps the fold out from under the head to create a tube for sucking up nectar when plentiful. From India = An unknown species of Amegila collected by Suzanne Batra. The fluorescent hairs banding the abdomen of this old-world species are what give the group the general name of blue-banded bees.251 species knownCanon Mark II 5D, Zerene Stacker, Stackshot Sled, 65mm Canon MP-E 1-5X macro lens, Twin Macro Flash in Styrofoam Cooler, F5.0, ISO 100, Shutter Speed 200, link to a .pdf of our set up is located in our profile


Public Domain.