Andrena cuneilabris,M,Side, Humboldt Co,CA

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The male of the previous shot, note the metallic blue overtones to the integument (skin) of this uncommon characteristic in the genus Andrena. Also note the stacking artifact where the antennae arches across the top of the head. This can be corrected for in the stacking process, but, frankly, we don't have the time and few people notice such things. If anyone is interested we have all the original stacks of our pictures...if you send a hard drive we will fill it up and send it back to you and you can run them however you like. This is a west coast Andrena....found, in this case, in Redwoods National Park right along the coast. Photo by Colby Francoeur.Canon Mark II 5D, Zerene Stacker, 65mm Canon MP-E 1-5X macro lens, Twin Macro Flash, F5.0, ISO 100, Shutter Speed 200, link to a .pdf of our set up is located in our profile


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