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Bat passive acoustic recording device

July 2022 (approx.)

Detailed Description

This passive acoustic recording device has been deployed in Montana (MT) as part of the North American Bat Monitoring Programs (NABat) summertime survey efforts. It has an ultrasonic microphone placed at the top of a 10ft pole that records echolocating bats from sunset to sunrise. The high frequency recordings are used to identify the bat species. USGS scientists at the Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center are working with Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks on statistical research for modeling the acoustic data and assessing impacts of Whitenose Syndrome on Montana bat populations.  The acoustic devices can often be found on the property of citizen scientists participating in Montana NABat survey efforts.  In Montana, the program has collected acoustic data since 2020 and the project has been highly successful! NABat partners with Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks send out reports and letters informing them what species were detected and information on those species. This encourages participating landowners to “discuss their bats with their neighbors”! 


Public Domain.