Beach-monitoring video cameras atop hotel in Santa Cruz, California

Two adjacent poles holding video cameras near top, one control box near bottom, one man holding small tool near control box.

Detailed Description

USGS ocean engineer Gerry Hatcher (left) and USGS postdoctoral oceanographer Shawn Harrison make adjustments to a computer controlling two video cameras on the roof of the Dream Inn, a 10-story hotel overlooking Monterey Bay in Santa Cruz, California. One camera looks eastward over Santa Cruz Main Beach and boardwalk, and the other southward over Cowells Beach. Since May 2017, the cameras have recorded video of the beach and ocean for 10 minutes every half hour during daylight hours. These half-hourly images are posted online. Harrison is using the video images to improve understanding and computer modeling of beach processes, especially those that change the coast.


Image Dimensions: 3024 x 3394

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Location Taken: Santa Cruz, CA, US