Black Buttes and Mount Baker in WA.

Black Buttes (jagged and pointed peaks to the left) and Mount Baker...

Detailed Description

Black Buttes stratovolcano and south side of ice-mantled Mount Baker. Aerial view northeastward. For Black Buttes, strata of the two highest crags (Lincoln Peak, left, and Colfax Peak) display opposing 308 dips that frame the gutted edifice. Arcuate craggy ridge of outward-dipping andesitic breccia sheets wraps ice-filled bowl where Deming Glacier has removed altered fragmental core of the volcano. Portrait Rock, the cliffy window enclosed by Deming Glacier, consists of six andesitic lava flows derived from Mount Baker. Between gorge occupied by Deming Glacier and moraine-rimmed valley of Easton Glacier at lower right, a fan of very late Pleistocene andesite lavas (unit amp) extends from the ice down to Mazama Park and Ridley Creek. Right of Easton Glacier, another sector of very late Pleistocene lava flows (unit acv) extends south from Crag View into the forks of Sulphur Creek. Sherman Peak conceals Sherman Crater, below and to the right of Mount Baker's summit.


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Location Taken: US