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BOBSled with its major components labeled

Detailed Description

BOBSled with its major components labeled. The system collects high-definition (HD) video images of seafloor as deep as 100 meters and is easily hand deployed from a small boat. The video imagery is viewed and recorded in real time at the surface. The CTD (orange) is an extra instrument "piggybacked" on the BOBSled to measure conductivity (C, related to salinity), temperature (T), and depth (D). The tow point is the attachment point for the tow cable, which contains components for transmitting power and commands to the BOBSled and video signals to the surface. The "control can" sorts out signals from the tow cable, sending them to and from appropriate instruments. The tail fin helps the assembly track smoothly through the water. Red lasers create two red dots 10 centimeters (nearly 4 inches) apart in the video image to provide scale. LED, light-emitting diode. 


Public Domain.