Borehole geophysical log suite

illustration of gamma and electric logs

Detailed Description

Borehole-Geophysical Log Suite Collected from a Well at Jamesport, New York: The figure above shows a borehole-geophysical log suite collected by the USGS from deep test well S-13428 at Jamesport, NY with chloride concentrations from filter-press measurements and computed chloride concentrations from an EM conductivity log collected in September, 2017.  The figure shows the transition of groundwater from fresh, to brackish, and then saltwater toward the bottom of the well log. The gamma and electric logs help delineate the depth and thickness of the major clay and sand units found at this location, and indicate the amount of fines in the sediment, which helps in identifying variations within the hydrogeologic units.  The EM conductivity log is used to delineate the thickness and concentration of saltwater (Public domain).


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Location Taken: US